Kes is an Ocampan, a race that resides in the Delta Quadrant. When she is rescued from the treacherous Kazons in "Caretaker", the premiere episode, Kes becomes a resident member of Voyager and serves as Neelix's lover, assistant and nurse. The Ocampan lifespan is only nine years, thus they grow quickly from the moment they are born. The Ocampan is protected by the Caretaker using an array in space, until his ultimate death. Kes's character have grown exponentially during the course of the years. She witnessed the future of Voyager, and her past in "Before And After", fell in love with an alien member and almost got killed from a maniac doctor in "Darkling". Kes also broke up with Neelix in season three, thus allowed her to become more romantically involved with other alien species. Kes leaves Voyager when she begins experiencing sudden pain and an evolution in life that threatens Voyager in "The Gift".