Ethan Phillips

Ethan Phillips portrays the trader in the Delta Quadrant, Neelix, that helps the crew of Voyager life their spirit. Ethan grew up in Long Island, to a family of six children and attended Boston University which earned him a degree in English Literature. Ethan also receive Jesuit Education. Ethan received his Master of Fine Arts at Cornell University. Ethan's first job would be on-stage like so many other actors and actress', thus appeared on such plays as "My Favorite Year", "Measure For Measure", "Lips Together, Teeth Apart" and "Modigliani". Ethan will be best remembered for his role on "Benson" as Pete Downey for five straight seasons. Additionally he appeared in "Werewolf", "NYPD Blue", "Law and Order", "Murphy Brown" and "L.A. Law". His feature film credits include "Jeffrey", opposite Patrick Stewart, "The Shadow", "Wagons East", "Man Without A Face", "Green Card", "Bloodhounds of Broadway", "Glory", "Lean On Me" and countless others. Aside from his acting career Ethan has also published and produced the playwright "Penguin Blues". Ethan lives with his wife Patricia, and their Westhighland Terrier, Frank. He devotes himself to backpacking and rock climbing also fancies himself an orthinologist and botanist. Ethan wishes to hike the Appalachian trail one day. His other "Star Trek" appearance was on "Star Trek: The Next Generations", "Menage A Troi" as the Ferengi Farek and in 1996's "Star Trek: First Contact" as the unlucky barman in Picard's holodeck scene.